Banner see

1 a : to perceive by the eye b : to perceive or detect as if by sight

2 a : to have experience of b : to come to know : discover c : to be the setting or time of

3 a : to visit

4 a : to accompany, escort

Canal scene
One of the city's canals
Canal 2
Another canal scene
The Albert Cuyper Market was packed with things to see and buy.
N Sunglasses
Nick bought some sunglasses - virtually impossible to see through - at the market.
N Santa
It was only 161 days until Christmas when we bought our red and gold keepsakes at this shop across from the flower market.
Painting 1
This magnificent painting greeted us as we entered the Rijksmuseum.
Painting 2
This Rembrandt painting reminded me of the Old Dutch Masters cigar boxes I used to keep my school supplies in as a kid.
Painting 3
A jewel-like still life
Painting 4
The famous milk maid painting by Vermeer