Banner taste

1 : to become acquainted with by experience

2 : to ascertain the flavor* of by taking a little into the mouth

3 : to eat or drink especially in small quantities

4 : to perceive or recognize* as if by the sense of taste

5 a : critical judgement, discernment, or appreciation b : manner or aesthetic quality indicative of such discernment or appreciation

Union Jack* If you are British, please insert "correct" spellings as necessary.

A trip to the Heineken Brewery proved to be good value. The entrance price included all the "rides," three glasses of beer, and a free gift at the end. Homer would love it.
B Foosball
We played foosball after drinking beer number 1.
Heineken 1
The Brewery is no longer in use, but these copper tanks have seen a lot of action in their time.
I believe the translation for this shop's name is "The Cheese Room"...
Kasskammer 2
...and it certainly lives up to its name!
B Lunch
The nice man there made us these baguettes with old and new gouda and a sundried tomato tapenade. He also sold us a bottle of chilled rosé wine which we drank with our lunch.
B Mexican
We had a nice TexMex meal in Kerkstraat on our first day there...
B Pancakes
...and authentic pancakes from the Pancake Bakery on our last.
Pancake with cherries, kirche, ice cream, and whipped cream.
Boat Fridge
The refrigerator on our houseboat was kept well stocked with cheese, bacon, yoghurts, juice, and other goodies.
Camp Tree
I included this camp pink Christmas tree on this Taste Page for a reason.
USA tree
And this special USA tree. We bought some lovely Christmas ornaments to add to our red and gold collection, but none of these made the cut.
Poodle cake
And the final photo on this Taste Page: the pink poodle wedding cake. We saw it in a window of a shop run by two men who adorned every table in the shop with a similar outrageous cake. Fabulous.