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Home of composers Franz Lehár and Anton Bruckner, delicious Pork in the Park, and the biggest dessert you've ever seen, Bad Ischl was the perfect gateway to exploring the Salzkammergut mountain region. If you missed our photos of Salzburg, click HERE
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This spa town's reputation snowballed after Princess Sophie's infertility treatment proved a success. We just admired the view.
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Fraz Josef's summer residence, Kaiservilla.

Bad Ischl c
The church where Anton Bruckner was organist
Bad Ischl d
One of the best meals we had was a rather improbable and impromptu one in Bad Ischl park, where they served roast pork, sauerkraut, and beer.
Bad Ischl e
We stayed in a student dorm-type hostel, which is let to tourists in the summer. We had full run of two bedrooms, a living room and bathroom, two delicious balconies, and even a swimming pool and sauna all to ourselves!
Bad Ischl f
We ordered a humongous merringue dessert, a Salzburgerknockerl, which takes 20 minutes to prepare and comes in three giant mounds in a serving dish.
Bad Ischl h
Nick in the park in Kaiservilla.

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One of the places we looked forward to seeing most was Hallstatt, a beautiful lakeside town reachable by ferry.
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We walked up a trail to see this waterfall
A view of the town and the lake. There was supposed to be a music event at three o'clock, but we never could find it, though I did see a man walking with a Wagner tuba.
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This modern artwork reflects the rising water level, which sometimes enters people's houses. It is traditional to keep waterproof boots on the table, just in case.
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The busy town centre, where we had our lunch by the fountain. We liked the fact that there were so many natural water fountains in Austria from which anyone can drink.
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Testing the water
Hallstatt f.jpg
Like an Austrian George Clooney. .
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Our final Salzkammergut destination was St. Wolfgang, on Wolfgangsee.
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The town of St. Wolfgang at night. We went there specifically to enjoy the traditional festival that promised food, music, and merriment.

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One of the main sights from St. Wolfgang, is Schafsberg, "Maria's Mountain" from The Sound of Music. Click HERE to see more photos of this breathtaking view!
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These sheep represent the local Schafsberg mountain.
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The luxurious Im weißen Rößl hotel is famous, apparently, as the setting for an operetta by Ralph Benatzky. I had never heard of either the work or the composer, but we sampled their delicious dumpling with Steinpilz (porcini) cream sauce at the festival.
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Traditional music at the festival. They downed a lot of beer!
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Nick had to "hear a cuckoo clock" for his Bingo card requirement.
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On the phone
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Lederhosen everywhere!
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We hired bikes and rode to St. Gilgen, home of Mozart's mother.

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Lunch in St. Gilgen - Spätzle with cheese and creamy Eierschwammerl mushrooms with rice.
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Sunset and impending thunderstorm over Wolfgangsee
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Mmm. Grapes.
Wolfgang t.jpg
About to do a backflip.
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Beside the local church at sunset
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