May 29th is my birthday, and I spent it, and the week following, entertaining and going to London.
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G Wisteria
Nick gave me this wisteria plant for my birthday a couple of years ago. This year, it was in full, fragrant bloom.
G Picture
One of my many thoughtful gifts from Nick. I admired this drawing in the window of an antique shop in Eton around Christmastime, and Nick bought it and kept it a secret for five months.
G Village
We went to this charming village on my birthday to visit the farmers' market.
G Spartacus
Another of my gifts: the Spartacus travel guide
BB Jelly
A friend made this impressive jelly mould for our gourmet evening
Meal cake
Chop Suey cake, made from my grandmother's recipe
Veuve Cliquot champagne and asparagus rarebit for the birthday meal.
Stripey day

June 3 & 4
We visited the British Museum to see the Parthenon sculptures, otherwise known as the Elgin Marbles.
zp Elgin
Photo taken with Nick's new camera

zq Elgin F Warren cup
This charming windchime was part of the exhibition entitled Sex and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome
Aa cup 2
Also part of the exhibit, The Warren Cup shows explicit scenes of homosexual rumpy-pumpy. Note the onlooker peeking in the side door...
Aa cup
The cup has only just been deemed acceptable to show to the public. Warren is also the collector who commissioned Rodin's The Kiss.
I Space invader We've spotted these Space Invaders before.

J Queue These men were all queueing for a haircut, not body piercing.
K Prowler boys
Prowler employees checking on the progress of their renovation

Cute Men
As always, we took lots of photos of cute men.
CLICK HERE to see them all.
M Nick
We had a drink in the Arts café before the matinee.
Zr G.jpg
I bought new glasses for my birthday treat.
We were thrilled to see Avenue Q.
Meeting the stars. Here is Simon Lipkin, my favourite.
Simon played Nicky, Trekkie "Porn" Monster, and Bear
T G Q.jpg
Doesn't he look like Colin Farrell?
Jon Robyns had a lot to do during the show.
He played Princeton and Rod
Julie Atherton played Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut
All the autographs. Nice to have "lots of love" from Simon...
Zu Daniel Evans
Amazingly, we also met Daniel Evans, who had just finished a performance of Sunday in the Park With George next door.
CLICK HERE to see and read more about him and the show.
Zb Elf
These elves were carved into an old tree in Kensington Gardens
Za Elf
There was no information about the artist.
Zf Portobello Road
I've lived in England all this time and only just visited Portobello Road today! I'll certainly be back for Christmas shopping!
Zg Lunchboxes
Comic lunchboxes.
Zh cupcakes
These cupcakes looked pretty, but no where nice as mine, and they charge more than I do!
Zj Doorway
A wall painting on Portobello Road
Zi Underwear
I liked the juxtaposition of this shot.
Zk Portobello mosaic
Zm Portobello Road
Portobello Road
Zd Bike
L Subway
I'll never take my job for granted!

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