Each year, people gather to celebrate the life and works of Scottish bard Robert Burns, who wrote Auld Lang Syne among other memorable poems. We were invited to such a celebration on January 26th, 2002, and the evening has been recorded in photos below.

 G&N{short description of image}
We celebrated Burns' Night at Gordon and Neil's house. Each guest had to wear a "substantial piece of tartan".  
Jonathan and Gordon looking very much like catalogue models.
Spot the television personality...
Jonathan and Catherine confessed all in the Jason Donovan game.
 Gordon Jason
Gordon reading the quetions from the Jason Donovan game
In anticipation of the meal:
 Gordon knife
Gordon prepares to use the ceremonial dagger to stab the haggis.
 Cullen Skink soup
Haggis warm reeking, rich wi' Champit Tatties
Bashed Neeps
Tyspy Laird (sherry trifle)
A Tassie o' coffee
Addressing the haggis. Read the poem by Robert Burns.
 G Haggis
Eating the haggis
Our lovely host.
Neil doing his marionette with cut strings imitation
Nick's birthday was is on the 25th. We celebrated with our favourite meal: gorgonzola pizza.

N Meal
There was also salad and presents and chocolate cupcakes.
 N Candles
Nick makes a wish.  


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