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The isle of Capri seems to be a millionaire's paradise. Mariah Carey, Keanu Reeves, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, and other celebrities all have left their mark here, and yet the island remains a place of natural beauty as well as designer clothes shops.
j2 Capri harbor.jpg
Capri harbour
j3 Capri boy.jpg
A statue of a boy on the rock
j4 Capri grotto.jpg
One of the many caves, inhabited by vivid orange coral
j5 Capri G.jpg
j6 Capri Grotto.jpg j7 Capri cliffs.jpg
j8 Capri rocks.jpg
The famous rocks of Capri. We sailed through the middle one.
j9 Capri boats.jpg
Fishing boats
k1 Capri gift shop.jpg k2 Capri harbor.jpg
A view of the harbour from the clifftop
k3 Capri sea.jpg k4 Capri steps.jpg
k5 Capri robot.jpg
This was part of a window display in a designer shop.
k6 Capri carver.jpg
He was carving the round sign.
k7 Capri bus man.jpg
The noble bus boss
k8 Capri Elephant beer.jpg
An "Elephant" beer

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