Disclaimer: Neither of these men is us (though the shorter one does have similar abdominal muscles to mine). I included them because of the stripper reference below.
N Lake
We had dinner at my uncle's house. He has a lake, pictured here.
Wednesday is stripper night at club 621 near the Greenville airport. This Polaroid cost us $5.

I don't really have any more photos of Greenville, but since I'm on the stipper theme, I guess I should include the surreptitious Cute Guy shots that we took throughout our travels.
Cute 70s guy
70s-style disco daddy
 Cute tramp
I think this guy was homeless.
Cute Barbecue guy
This man was in the barbecue restaurant
Cute barmen
The very nice barmen in Charleston at the rooftop library bar. The one on the left gave us lots of sightseeing tips and he has a twin brother who also works there!
Cute blond
A blond shopper at the Charleston market
Cute bookseller
"Cute Bookseller" was on Nick's bingo card.
Cute Dad
This butch dad was on the Charleston pier
Cute moving man 2
Moving man
Moving man 2 Cute shoppers
Shoppers at Folly Beach
Cute wait
Waiting in the Paris airport
Cute Walmart
A stocker at Walmart
Cute Woker
An overalled worker at Tullie Smith House, Atlanta
Rafting 7 b
A fellow white water rafter
Lil Bear
Lil' Bear. See below for details
Lil Bear
And finally, this refrigerator magnet set by Joe Phillips that we bought at Outwrite Books in Atlanta. Dress Lil' Bear yourself online (or Tony, Big John, etc.) or order one for your very own at Joe

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