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I thought the town of Herculaneum, discovered fairly recently when housing was being built, was even more impressive than Pompeii.
g1 Herculaneum street.jpg
A patriotic street on the way to the ruins
g2 Herculaneum.jpg
The ancient town of Herculaneum
g3 Herculaneum bar.jpg
Another ancient bar
g4 Herculaneum pots.jpg
These pots and vessels are amazingly preserved
g5 Herculaneum Neptune.jpg
The beautiful mosaic in the Temple of Neptune. Click for larger view.
g7 Herculaneum Neptune.jpg
g8 Herculaneum floor.jpg
Neptune and sea creatures mosaic
g9 Herculaneum bath.jpg
Interesting lighting in the Women's Bath
h1 Herculaneum mosaic.jpg
Mosaic floor in the Women's Bath
h2 Herculaneum cutie.jpg
h3 Herculaneum ceiling.jpg
Ceiling art
h4 Herculaneum tiles.jpg
A ruined artwork
h5 Herculaneum G.jpg h6 Herculaneum fresco.jpg
h7 Herculaneum temple.jpg h8 Herculaneum fresco.jpg
h9 Herculaneum fresco.jpg i1 Herculaneum letters.jpg
i2 Herculaneum columns.jpg i3 Herculaneum plaque.jpg
i4 Herculaneum garden.jpg
A quiet garden
i5 Herculaneum Hercules.jpg
Hercules in the garden.
Imagine the uproar if artwork like this were produced today!
i6 Herculaneum fruit.jpg

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