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Every time we take a trip, we make each other bingo cards filled with 49 things to see, smell, taste, and do. We assign prizes for straight rows, diagonals, T shapes, and full blackouts. (I got a row and my prize is a book from Amazon!). Some of the things we had to find on this trip are pictured below. For other bingo cards from the past, click HERE and HERE.

Create your own personalised Mykonos bingo card at our new website,!
Bingo cock.jpg
A cock
Bingo Converse.jpg
Bingo swim.jpg
Pool length
FREE Bingo glissando.jpg
A "glissando"
Bingo Jamie.jpg
Jamie Oliver
Bingo pelican.jpg
FREE Bingo Sondheim.jpg
Bingo eat.jpg
Eat new food
Bingo Meryl.jpg
Meryl Streep
Bingo Texas.jpg
Texas product
Bingo Jimmis.jpg
Jimmi's gyros
FREE Bingo spray.jpg
Kastro spray
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