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Downtown Manhattan is a very different place since our last visit and post 9/11, but the feeling around Ground Zero is a positive one and I could tell that the city was determined to rebuild better and prouder than ever. Our day in lower Manhattan was great. For the first time ever, I walked on Brooklyn Bridge and met a near-naked male model at Abercrombie and Fitch.
South Bridge TN.jpg
Just like in
Sophie's Choice
South B Bridge TN.jpg
On the bridge
South Jerry food TN.jpg
A great deli
South Pier TN.jpg
Pier 17
South Highlander TN.jpg
The kilt cult continues
South Ship TN
I saw two ships...
South Ground Zero TN.jpg
Ground Zero
South Ground Zero cros TN.jpg
The girder cross
South N Abercrombie TN.jpg
Shopping with the hotties
South Abercrombie TN.jpg
Go on: click him.
You know you want to.
South G Abercrombie TN.jpg
My new pal
South Jerry interview TN.jpg
Jerry gets interviewed
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