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We're movin' on up - to the East Side. A day at the zoo, a visit to Grand Central, skyscrapers, and underwear models.
Central Park Bear TN.jpg
Central Park Zoo bear
Central Park penguins TN.jpg
Gay penguins
Central Park Seal TN.jpg
Sea lion at closing time
Midtown cops TN.jpg
Cops on the beat
Rockefeller B TN.jpg
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller G Models TN.jpg
More models
Rockefeller N Model 2 TN.jpg
Nick flirts with girl
Midtown Grand Central TN.jpg
Grand Central Station
Midtown Crysler TN.jpg
The Chrysler Bldg
Midtown Crysler door TN.jpg
Art Deco doors
Midtown Crysler N TN.jpg
Nick & sign
Midtown Crysler ceiling TN.jpg
Art Deco ceiling
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