Banner Theater District
New York is Broadway. Here, we brushed shoulders with the stars and pondered pouches along the Great White Way.
Times Square B TN.jpg
42nd Street
Times Square TN.jpg
Times Square
Time Square 2 TN
Stud Stops Traffic
Times Square Gypsy TN.jpg
Brush with fame
Gypsy 5 TN
Bernadette Peters live
Gypsy 2 TN.jpg
Stipper with a gimmick
Gypsy 3 TN
Rose's Turn
 Gypsy 4 TN.jpg
Gypsy Rose Lee
Times Square Bernadette 4 TN.jpg
Bernadette Peters!
Times Square autograph TN.jpg
her autograph twice!
Times Square Bernadette 2 TN.jpg
Her mouth!
Wicked 3 TN.jpg
A fantastic B'way show
Wicked 1 TN.jpg
Wicked 2 TN
My favorite song
Wicked 4 TN.jpg
Battle of the witches
Wicked 5 TN.jpg
The Joel Grey
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