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A Gay Old Time can be had in the Village. It was one of my favorite haunts when I lived here - though at the time, I wasn't sure why - and continues to be the place where we spend the most time and feel the most comfortable when in New York. The old houses, funky shops, and "family" bars make visiting a pleasure.
Village Benny's TN.jpg Benny's Burritos Village Billys TN.jpg
Gay Billy Dolls
Village G Joe's TN.jpg Joe's Famous Pizza Village ornaments TN.jpg New Xmas Ornaments
Village tiles 2 TN.jpg Patriotic tiles Village Mud shop TN.jpg
The Mud Shop
Village tiles TN.jpg
More inspiration
Village G Tile TN.jpg
Craftsman at work
Village B tiles 2 TN.jpg
Our finished tiles
Village Leather man TN.jpg
The Leather Man, where you can buy...
Village shorts TN.jpg
...leather shorts.
Village Washington 2 TN.jpg
Washington Square
Village Magnolia TN.jpg
Magnolia Bakery
Village Magnolia 2 TN.jpg
Village G Magnolia TN.jpg
Mmm. Cake
Village Magnolia 4 TN.jpg
Magnolia fare at night
Village Paris 3 TN.jpg
Paris Commune...
Village Paris TN.jpg
...where we ate...
Village Paris 2 TN.jpg
...our romantic meal...
Village Paris 4 TN.jpg
...for Valentine's
Village apple.jpg Village Gay 2 TN.jpg
Gay Street
Village pug TN.jpg
The pug shop
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