Banner Pompeii.jpg
When visiting this area, a trip to Pompeii is unmissable. What a remarkable, historic place!
a6 Pompeii snowglobe
Vesuvius snow globes for sale outside the Pompeii ruins
a7 Pompeii street
An avenue of buildings where our tour guide started his spiel.
a8 Pompeii statues
Statuary in Pompeii
a9 Pompeii Street
Me on a Pompeii street
b1 Pompeii street
Vesuvius looms in the background
b2 G Pompeii brothel
Look closely at the phallus that denotes the brothel area ahead.
b3 Pompeii penis
These phallic symbols were common in Pompeii.
b4 Pompeii bodies
Victims of the ancient volcanic eruption
b5 G Pompeii
Me in Pompeii with Vesuvius in the distance
b6 Pompeii gym
The gymnasium in Pompeii
b7 Pompeii arena
Ancient inscriptions in the coliseum
b8 Pompeii sign
A street sign
b9 G Pompeii bar.jpg
Bartender, pour me a glass of wine
c1 Pompeii cutie.jpg
A cute tourist
c2 Pompeii fresco.jpg
One of the many impressive frescoes in Pompeii
c3 Pompeii fresco.jpg
A fresco behind glass
c4 Pompeii fresco.jpg
Photographing a fresco
c5 Pompeii fresco.jpg
Thousands of years old and still beautiful
c6 Pompeii fresco.jpg
A well preserved piece of art
c7 Pompeii studs.jpg
These studs used to hold wooden beams on the door
c8 G Pompeii door.jpg
In a Pompeii doorway
c9 Pompeii cutie.jpg
Another cute tourist
d1 Pompeii fresco.jpg
A beautiful fresco
d1 Pompeii fresco.jpg
Latin lettering
d3 Pompeii courtyard.jpg
A tranquil garden
d4 Pompeii canus.jpg
Canus mosaic
d5 Pompeii cutie.jpg
Cute tourist number 3
d6 Pompeii hunt.jpg
A hunt scene that took up an entire wall
d7 Pompeii cutie.jpg
Watching the hunt
d8 Pompeii guide.jpg
A nice tour guide
d9 Pompeii oven.jpg
Beside an ancient pizza oven
e1 Pompeii fountain.jpg
One of the many fountains in Pompeii
e2 Pompeii cutie.jpg
e3 Pompeii phallus.jpg
The phallic symbol pointed the way to a brothel
e5 Pompeii Dad.jpg
Cute dad
e6 Pompeii pizza.jpg
A real pizza being made
e7 Pompeii lemons e8 Pompeii pizza.jpg

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