Robbie Williams

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This is British pop sensation Robbie Williams. If you haven't heard of him, you're probably American.
When this page was created, he was Number One in the UK charts with Eternity.
We bought our tickets to the Milton Keynes concert well before Christmas, along with 60,000 other fans.
Of course, Robbie is not only popular because of his singing.
En route to the concert, we discovered this ruined castle in Dinton and picnicked beside it.
Both Castle
 Castle2 George
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Some views from inside the castle

The concert programme

  DJ Briefs

Filming Rock DJ


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Some images from the preparations for the
Rock DJ video...

...and from the Supreme video

With a girl.
And with another girl on the cover of Vogue
And with Robbie clones from the album sleeve
of Sing if You're Winning
It says inside the programme that Robbie is quite shy.

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