Banner Sorrento.jpg
My home base for the four day trip was the seaside town of Sorrento, home of lemons and limoncello liqueur.
a1 shack
A picturesque shack near my hotel
a2 Sorrento
Another scene near the hotel
a3 Sorrento view
Just up the road from the hotel
a4 Sorrento dog
Stray and pet dogs were a frequent site on the trip.
a5 Sorrento lemons
Lemon groves were everywhere, and limoncello was cheap.
e9 Sorrento view
This was the view outside my window.
f1 Sorrento grotto
A short walk from the hotel was this secluded cove.
f2 Sorrento cuties.jpg
These German men watched our group with interest.
f3 Sorrento bather.jpg
A fellow beach enthusiast
f4 Sorrento scooter.jpg
Not my scooter, but mine for the photo
i8 G Sorrento grotto.jpg
Swimming in the cove
i7 Sorrento lemon
This mobile lemon granita seller seemed to do good business.
i9 Sorrento reader.jpg
A local reads the paper.
Sorrento tile
A Sorrento tile on a nearby building
j1 Sorrento sun
Sunrise over Sorrento

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