B Blueberries
On the way back from Pickens flea market, we stopped to pick blueberries
G Pig
We encountered this pig at the blueberry patch; it was up for adoption.
B lake
Swimming in the lake outside my uncle's cabin
B Marshmallows
Toasting marshmallows for S'mores
B Tubes
On the dock. Me in my Robbie Williams concert shirt.
B store
My parents' antique shop in Walhalla
Corn flakes
Even these corn flakes, seen in the Seneca Walmart, are patriotic.
Family 4
My family: Greg, Megan, Brooks, Terri, Sara, and Dad
B Tunnel
Outside the Stumphouse Tunnel, where I lost my beloved mini-tripod one day only to find it two days later. What luck!
Cabin group
With two of my childhood friends, Teresa and Lonna. We hadn't seen each other for about fifteen years.
Cute Dexter
Dexter is the owner of the fabulous Country Place Inn, a gay Bed & Breakfast just outside Walhalla
B Pool
We spent one whole luxurous afternoon at the Country Place Inn swimming in the pool.
Hummingbirds thrive on the feeders ouside my parents' house
N tube
Nick looking cute in his inner tubes at the lake cabin
Rafting 3 RS
We went white water rafting on the Chatooga River. Nick was called upon to bail water from the raft.
Rafting 4 RS
The fashionable headgear is only one of the exciting features of white water rafting.
Rafting 2 RS
This is our raft going over one of the many falls on the Chatooga.
"Sometimes you watch the show; sometimes you are the show." - our rafting leader
Rafting 5 RS
Our guide took the most difficult rapids by himself
Rafting 6 RS
Some of the other adventurers on our trip as we stopped for lunch
Rafting 8 RS
Crouched by one of the falls
Rafting 9 RS
We stopped here for photos. These had to be taken with a cheap waterproof camera.
Rafting 1 RS2
There we are in the front of the boat. Nick was the only one who fell in all day.
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