Collage July Scaffold a3
Regular visitors to this site may be aware of my penchant for photographing appealing people on the sly. On this summer's day in 2011, I hit the jackpot when headed for my local farmers' market.
Collage July Scaffold a
Despite my having my camera and zoom lens around my neck, I discovered to my horror that I had no memory card. I'd left it at home! As it was 9.00 on Sunday morning in the UK, we had to wait a whole hour for a shop to open - thank you, Robert Dyas - to buy a new one. I never thought Mr. Scaffold 2011 would still be there hoisting pipes an hour after he was first spotted, but he was.
Collage July Scaffold b2
Collage July Scaffold c
Hard to believe, eh?


For less salacious photos from the summer of 2011, click HERE.

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