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We returned to Brighton for more quirky shows and beautiful open houses. We particularly enjoyed Away from Home and The House Project. Click HERE to see photos from last year's festival.
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On May 29th, we treated ourselves to some favourite things - pizza for lunch, a walk to the Common, Valentine Warner on TV, and gifts.
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Above: Nick wrote me a special birthday song, river boats, chocolate peanut butter birthday cake, taco meal, and light box by Kate Iles


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We travelled to Yarmouth and our visit coincided with a big regatta festival.
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Island dwellers
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Some photos from our trip to Freshwater Bay
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At that time, our favourite chef, Robert Thompson, was working at a rather snooty hotel, but his food was great as always. He has since set up his own wonderful resautrant, which can be seen HERE. Click HERE to see his pasta demonstration, HERE for Nick's birthday meal 2011, and HERE for George's birthday in 2009.
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Click HERE for last year's birthday in Paris.

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