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Birthdays are always exciting. Click HERE to see photos from past birthdays, or HERE to see where I spent 2007's birthday.
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When we visitedDevon in February, we knew immediately that we wanted to return for my birthday in May.
Devon a Bradley
Our first stop was Bradley, a National Trust property.
Devon b Bradley
We drank water from the spring.
Devon Moorstone 2
We returned to the lovely Moorstone Guest House.
Devon c Moorstone
The bed is ever so comfy!
Devon Moorstone
The living room at Moorstone
Devon Riverford G Garlic
On Friday, we visited Riverford farm, the source of our organic vegetable box. I got to pick some wet garlic.
Devon Riverford Guide
Our tourguide with some rhubarb. We were allowed to pick as much as we wanted.
Devon Riverford N
We also got to pick strawberries.
devon riverford menu
The extensive lunch menu, plus a delicious selection of desserts.
Devon Riverford Meal
They were rather apologetic about serving squid, but it was delicious!
Devon Riverford G
With the Riverford signature hill in the background.
Devon Overbecks View
Our next stop was Overbecks, another National Trust gem.
Devon Overbecks rail
Detail from an Overbecks railing.
Devon Overbecks G&N
In the garden at Overbecks.
Devon Overbecks Door
Nick peeks through a carved door.
Torquay G&N.jpg
On Saturday, we took a cruise from Torquay to Greenway.
Torquay a harbour
Torquay harbour. The last time we were there was my birthday in 2000!
Devon Picnic boat
We passed this "hen party" on their picnic boat.
Torquay Men 2.jpg
These fishermen remind me of that iconic New York workmen on girder photo.
Devon G&N
In Dartmouth harbour
Devon Dartmouth
Devon Torquay Dartmouth2
Dartmouth Castle
Devon Hot Dad
Suzuki boat motors are my favourites
Devon Boat man
We arrived at Greenway quay and were greeted by this man.
Devon Greenway N
Greenway was the summer home of Agatha Christie.
Devon Greenway Boathouse
The "enigmatic" Raleigh's boathouse, featured in Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly
Devon Greenway G
Devon Dartmouth Man2
Cute man in Dartmouth
Devon Dartmouth Man.jpg

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A week or so before my birthday, we went camping near Uffington, where there is a prehistoric white horse on the hillside.
Camping G Field
Near the hill with the horse
Camping N & Boys.jpg
Nick and two fellow campers
Camping N Field.jpg
Nick without two fellow campers
Camping Uffington horse.jpg
Thought to be the oldest hill figure in Britain, the Uffington horse dates to 1000 BC, the late Bronze Age.
Camping Uffington runners.jpg
Hillside joggers
Camping Uffington horse2.jpg
Close-up of the horse: the eye and mouth?
Banner Builder
Our neighbours recently had a conservatory built.
Sexy hairy Builder 1 Sexy hairy Builder 2.jpg
Sexy hairy Builder 3 Sexy hairy Builder 4
Banner Zoo
Zoo a penguin
There is a nice zoo, quite close to our house.
Zoo b N Giraffe
Nick compares his height with the giraffe.
Zoo c Leopard yawning
The sleepy leopard
Zoo d Red panda
And the cute red panda
Zoo e Otters

Banner Festival  
Food Festival a
Waitrose hosts a food festival every year.
Food Festival G Cow
Reminds me of Storyland, in New Hampshire, where I also milked a fake cow.
Food Festival b Cute Waitrose man.jpg
The man hired to tell people to use the other entrance
Food Festival c Cute Waitrose Man.jpg
Happy in his work (and his looks)
Food Festival flowers.jpg
Flowers at the festival
Food Festival d Cute Waitrose Man.jpg
Food Festival Cute Man.jpg
Can't remember what he was selling.
Food Festival e Sweet Peas.jpg
More lovely flowers
Food Festival G.jpg
In the water gardens
Food Festival N.jpg
Food Festival water garden
The water gardens
Watercress a N
This was taken at the watercress festival a couple of weeks earlier.
Watercress b cake.jpg
This is actually a cake, made to look like watercress.
Watercress c Cute Dad.jpg
This is also a cake, made to look like a man.

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