I've started to notice an oddly comforting trend on our travels. It seems that everywhere we go, we are being watched over by the kindly presence of Superman. Hopefully, as we visit more metropolises (metropoles?), we will encounter more Men of Steel.
2016 07 a
Winchester Hat Fair 2016
2014 June a
Bournemouth 2014
2014 b
Brighton 2014
2016 b2
Lecce, Puglia, 2016
2016 07 b
London, 2016
2016 11 a
Paris, 2016
 2014 July
Chichester 2014
2014 June b2
Bournemouth 2014
2013 Oct c
Barcelona 2013
2013 Oct a
Barcelona 2013
2013 Oct d
London 2013
2013 Oct b
Barcelona 2013
2013 Aug a
Italy 2013
2013 Aug b
Italy 2013
2013 July
Rus's Visit 2013
2012 May Brighton b9b
Brighton, 2012
2012 Brighton a
Brighton, 2012
Aug Tuscany vm
Verona, Italy, 2011
Brighton 2011
June Mex f
London, June 2011
2011 March
Winchester, March, 2011
2011 April
London, April, 2011
June London f.jpg
London, June, 2010
Brighton 2010
Brighton, 2010
Pride c5
Brighton Pride, 2009
Pride c6.jpg
Brighton Pride, 2009
Pride c7.jpg
Brighton Pride, 2009
London 2009.jpg
London, July 2009
May 2009
Salzburg k Superman
Salzburg 2008
zi superman.jpg
London Pride 2008
Torquay Superman.jpg

g supergirl
London Pride 2008
Superman Brighton
An Eton schoolboy
O Gay Superman
London Pride 2007
A Superman
When I asked this man at Euro Pride 2006 if I could photo him in his Superman shirt, and he agreed.
B Superman BeenGo
He was pleased to receive a Been-Go card from us.
Q Superman
London, England
May 2006
I Gay Superman
And another.
F Gay Superman
Another Pride attendee.
Mykonos 1
London, England
June 2005
The nephew of an Internet friend
Mykonos 2
Mykonos, Greece
June 2005
S Superman.jpg
Bateau Mouche, Paris
August, 2005
R Superman 2.jpg
Montmartre, Paris
August, 2005
Gay Superman
London Mardi Gras, 2004
Gay Pride Supermen.jpg
London Mardi Gras, 2004
All of the photos below were found on the Internet, but suit the theme quite well.
Original cropped
Sept Superman 2
Feb Superman
Feb Superman 2.jpg Feb Superman 3.jpg Feb Superman 4.jpg
Feb Superman 6 Feb Superman 8 Supermen
D Superman.jpg Dec Superman Pride.jpg A 1.jpg
Tattoo 3 June a Tatoo 2
Oct 2010 Image19 Tillmans
I think this is a Wolfgang Tillmans photo
Homer Superman Cowboy
Clark Kent June b
2014 a2 2012 June

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